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As Seen In YaHOO!!: Mrs. Flowers, Bangkok:an upmarket flower/gift delivery service. Wines, gift hampers, chocolates--all decorate with exquisite flower arrangements. Deliver to all areas of bangkok, Thailand. Simply, one of theThailand's BEST.


Here are Our Most Popular items
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R16: White roses and a free box of chocolate--Two dozen white rose with a half pound box of chocolate

R17: Mixed roses vase--A mixed vase of colourful roses and lilies.

R19: 19 roses for good luck--Nineteen red rose arrange in a simple topiary form. Nineteen is consider to be a good luck
R20: Pink and White rose arranged
R21 Ninety Nine --99 Grade AAA Red Roses Hand tied bouquet
R4: Two Dozen Red Roses in an elegant deep blue crystal vase
R1: A dozen of red roses boxed with 1lb of homemade chocolates
R2: Two Dozen of red roses boxed
R3: A dozen of white roses with Casablanca lilies
R5: Mixed bouquet boxed with a dozen red roses
R6: A dozen red roses hand-tied
R7: Twelve roses artistically arranged with tropical blooms

R8: Twelve roses in mixed bouquet with a Teddy Bear
R9: A dozen pink roses with a Teddy Bear
R10: The grand bouquet with two dozen roses, irises and nerines

R11: Roses mixed bouquet in a crystal vase
R13: Twelve Pink roses boxed with a deep blue crystal oval vase
R14: A fruit basket with a colourful red rose arrangement.

R15: White and Pink rose bouquet deliver with half a pound of chocolate in a silk box
Special Request--Please send us this special req form. We will answer you within a couple of hrs

Our Most Popular
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P1:One dozen roses boxed and 1lb of Homemade choc $75  click to order
P2:mixed flower bouquet $45  click to order
P3:A dozen of white roses with casablanca lilies $55  click to order
P4:Two dozen red roses in a crystal vase $85      click to order
P5:Mixed bouquet boxed with 12 roses $59      click to order
P6:A dozen red roses boxed $49      click to order
P7:Homemade chocolates with a teddy bear $55      click to order
P8:Mixed bouquet with a dozen roses with a teddy bear $85  click to order
P9:A dozen pink roses hand-tied with1lb chocolate $79      click to order
P10: Five stems of Casablanca lilies $69      click to order

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