chocolatepot   What an exciting idea!!!Homemade chocolate made with almost 30 years of experience,in a country known for its finest food and ingredients--Thailand. It all started with a mother who enjoyed cooking for her husband and her four sons years ago. Using the finest ingredients, Sajee created these perfect combinations of the east and the west using the technique she has learnt while studying in the United States. These luscious treats are made individually by hand with the best Swiss cocoa liquor and the premium quality local cocoa butter. With her cooking artistry, she has created these delectables with a hint of the oriental so as to accentuate the beautiful flavour of the premium quality chocolate. Rich lovely chocolate melted with the flavour of oriental herbs, nuts, fruits and flowers, the flavour will resemble a scent of a beautiful bouquet. Hint, our name --Mrs. Flowers. Made with only the very finest ingredients and No Added Preservative. Notice how every piece of the sumptious treats are of different size and shape. That is because they are shaped by people, not machines. So eat them anytime. Anywhere And enjoy!!!

Try all of Mrs.Flowers' delicious flavours : Assorted Chocolate Pralines, Mixed Nuts, Whole Almonds, Strawberry Crunch, Coffee Crunch, Lime Crunch, Snow Mango, Sasame Mint and the ever so popular Almond slice in Dark Chocolate!!!