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    At Mrs. Flowers, we always give you the freshest flowers. We get them from the best sources: roses are the cream of the crops from Holland and directly from our grower in Chiangrai, orchids are of export quality. With a minimum maintenance you should be able to keep them beautiful. Here are a couple of tips to help you maintain your floral arrangements and plants so that they would be healthiest for the longest period of time.

    Floral Arrangements

    • Arrangement in a vase: After your arrangement arrives, check the water level. Add water daily by putting the arrangement in a sink under tap water. Run the water onto the arrangement gently for about 20 min: the new water will completely replace the old one in the floral form and refresh the arrangement. The water level should be kept right near the brim of the container at all time.
    • Fresh flowers in a box: Remove the temporary water reservoir tubes. Under running water, cut about one inch of the lower stem off at an angle so that freshly opened cells are exposed. Remove the leaves from the lower stems. Put them in a vase filled with a solution of floral food(provided) and fresh cold water. (10c)
    • Keep the arrangements in cool ambient temperature ( approximately 10-15c ) Do not put them in the refrigerator: dry air will take away moisture from the petals.
    • Gently spray fresh water over the arrangements regularly.
    • Remember to always keep the arrangements away from direct sunlight, heat, cold draft.

    Green Plants:

    • Keep the soil moist. Water daily in the morning (or as instructed.) Do not use too much water: water in the receptor tray should be absorbed completely within a couple of hours.
    • Medium lighting is preferred by most plants, right next to an office window is best.
    • Avoid direct sunlight: heat will vapourize all of the moisture from the leaves.
    • Ambient temp of approximately 25c is best .


  • the plants from Mrs. Flowers are well-treated: they do not need any additional fertilizer.
  • Only after they have been kept for an extended period of time, use slowly-dissolving house plant fertilizer—the ones with semipermeable external coats—at the manufacturer’s instruction and frequency.

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    Tel.662-930-3196 Fax.662-513-2961

    E-mail : mrsflowersinfo@yahoo.com

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